During these difficult times we will be writing some short reflections. These will be published here and made available through the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Reflections this week by Rev David Denniston

The Way of Redemption

Longer Reading Ruth 4: 1-6

Verse for the Day

‘I cannot redeem it for myself without damaging my own inheritance. Take my right of redemption yourself, for I cannot redeem it.’ Ruth 4: 6


As we have already seen, this is a story about redemption. According to the law of Israel, since there was no heir to inherit the deceased’s land, custom required a close relative (usually the dead man’s brother) to marry the widow of the deceased in order to continue his family line. At Naomi’s urging (and no doubt in response to Boaz’s great compassion and generosity, as well as in acknowledgement of their own great need) Ruth has approached Boaz. However, it transpires that he is not actually the closest kinsman. 

So a negotiation has to take place, which ends with the closer kinsman declining to redeem and instead giving Boaz the opportunity. Redemption came with a cost, and in this case it was not a cost that the closer kinsman was willing to bear.

Of course, if we apply this story to our redemption by Jesus, then we also know that there was a cost to redeem us – an incredibly significant cost. And we know too that in Jesus we have one who was ready and willing to bear that cost and pay that price.

Such is our Lord’s deep love for us. 

‘Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all’


God of love and compassion, 

Jesus, your Son and our Redeemer, 

willingly bore the suffering, 

made the sacrifice, 

paid the price 

and accepted the cost 

of our Redemption. 

May we never cease to praise you 

for his amazing grace and infinite love

through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.