Most Recent Update – 19/01/2021



 Today (Tuesday 19th January) the First Minister informed the Scottish Parliament that the current lockdown restrictions would continue until at least mid-February. This will mean that all the limitations on our individual lives and on our church life with which we have been living for these last few weeks will continue for some time to come. 

This is easy for none of us and while the news is not welcomed by anyone, neither is it unexpected. 

We will of course be remembering in our prayers those who must make and advise on these tough decisions, all who work in healthcare, social care and medical research, those who face loss and anxiety for many reasons, children, parents and teachers who continue with the disruption to normal schooling, and – not least – the many who are lonely and isolated. 

We will all be aware that this announcement means that we cannot return to worship in the building, nor have any ‘in person’ meetings, nor visit or offer pastoral care except by telephone or over the internet (other than in the most extreme of circumstances and then only Ministers).

Sunday Services

While we are unable to worship in person in our building, our online services will continue. Once again, my sincere thanks to all who plan, prepare, contribute to and webcast these services. It is so very good that we are able to continue to share in worship. I have often wondered what it would have been like if this pandemic had struck years ago when such technology was not yet available to us. How much more difficult we would have found this prolonged period of restrictions in years gone by.

But it remains the case that there are those of our number who are not easily able to share in our online worship and some who do not have access even to these emails. It is, therefore, so very important that we all continue to stay connected with one another and reach out to those who have little other means of contact.

Services in February

On 7th February plans are in hand (but not yet finalised) to include input from ‘Christians Against Poverty’ in our worship on that Sunday and I will let you know of further details when they become available.

At the Kirk Session meeting held last week it was agreed that one of our forthcoming Sunday Services should once again include the celebration of Holy Communion. This Service of Communion will be held (online) on Sunday 14th February. More details will follow.

Prayer Meeting 

The Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting continues tomorrow (20th January) at 7.00pm. All are warmly encouraged to share in this time of prayer via Zoom. 

Please contact me for the link for this online Prayer Meeting.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This week (18th to 25th January) is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We are all encouraged to join with our Lord Jesus in praying that ‘they may all be one’. Resources and background on this week can be found at:

Don’t Forget…

Contributions for the February edition of the Church Magazine will need to be in the hands of the editor, Malcolm Leitch, by Sunday 31st January at the latest.

Thought for the Day

The daily ‘thought’ continues by email, on the webpage and by telephone. I would be very happy indeed to hear from anyone else who would be willing to join the group of those who occasionally provide a week’s thoughts! And many thanks to those who are already involved in this. The contributions are very much appreciated.



As we are all more than well aware, we continue to live under very strict restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. Indeed, it may be that this will continue for some time, which is not at all what any of us expected when we first went into lockdown back in March of last year, nor indeed when restrictions seemed to be easing last summer.

The situation remains very serious. With today’s news that there has been a 15% increase in deaths, we can well understand the need to be very cautious and to observe the protocols. This does not mean that it is easy. It most certainly is far from easy and we do need to continue to care for, support and prayer for one another in these difficult times.

Sunday Services

 While church buildings in all of mainland Scotland remain closed, most churches are providing opportunities for online worship. We will be continuing with our online services for the time being. Every Sunday at 11.00am our weekly Morning Worship is available on our webpage, on our Facebook page, on our You Tube channel and also by the dedicated telephone line.

Reflections at the Quay

In addition to the worship services we offer, the BBC is again broadcasting ‘Reflections from the Quay’ on Sunday mornings. This Sunday one of those leading this programme is my wife, Revd Dr Jane Denniston, whom some of you may have also seen on Reporting Scotland the other evening or heard on Good Morning Scotland in the radio. Sunday’s programme is scheduled for 11.30am on Sunday morning so you may be just able to join in the QPG service and then go to BBC 1 Scotland!

Pastoral Visits

I have indicated already that the current restrictions mean that most ‘face to face’ pastoral care is not possible.

There has been some clarification on this from the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland in these last few days.

It remains the case that pastoral care is to be primarily offered online or by telephone. However, in very particular circumstances of the most urgent need then pastoral visits by the Minister may be possible under certain circumstances if strict protocols are observed. Alternatively, in circumstances of particular distress etc the Minister is able to meet anyone with pastoral needs in the church building observing physical distance and so forth.

Please note that these exceptions apply only in the most urgent of circumstances. If a member in such a situation needs pastoral care from the Minister then please do not hesitate to be in touch with me and if such support cannot be offered by phone or online, I am happy to discuss how to make possible in a safe environment ‘in person’ pastoral care.

However, this applies to the Minister and not to elders or others, and in the vast majority of situations pastoral care will be offered by telephone or online. 

Prayer Meeting

The Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting recommences tomorrow (13th January) at 7.00pm. All are warmly encouraged to share in this time of prayer via Zoom.  

The log in details are:
Meeting ID: 989 0679 5846
Passcode: 021878

The Lodging House Mission

Our Session Clerk, Jo Gibb, has received an email of ‘Heartfelt Thanks’ from Claire Herbert, Chaplain to the Lodging House Mission expressing their appreciation of the gift received from Queens Park Govanhill. 

Thought for the Day

The daily ‘thought’ continues by email, on the webpage and by telephone. I would be very happy indeed to hear from anyone else who would be willing to join the group of those who occasionally provide a week’s thoughts! And many thanks to those who are already involved in this. The contributions are very much appreciated.


Quarantine Christmas Carols

Normally our choir would be out carol singing to raise money for Blythswood Care. This year they can’t so have recorded a marathon of carols for you to enjoy instead. Please listen below and if you can spare anything please donate to Blythswood care using this link

Emerging from Level 4

Today (8th December) First Minister intimated that we are to move from Level Four restrictions to Level Three restrictions on Friday 11th December.  Therefore, we will be able to proceed with our service in the church building on Sunday 20th December as planned. However, the constraints that previously applied will still be in place (one way system, limited numbers, physical distancing, wearing of face coverings, no singing etc). 

Those wishing to attend are required to book a place with our Session Clerk, Jo Gibb. Places are limited and a good number of bookings have already been received, so please do indicate at your earliest convenience if you wish to be present. For those who cannot attend (or who choose not to) the service will be streamed live on the webpage, Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be available later that day on internet and by phone.

So the services planned are as follows:

  • Sunday 13th December. Service online.
  • Sunday 20th December Christmas Sunday All Age Service. Service in building and live streamed
  • Christmas Eve / Christmas Day. Online Service. This special online service we intend to make  available on the webpage, Facebook and YouTube from Christmas Eve late afternoon through to Christmas Day so you and yours can watch it at a time convenient to you either on the evening of Christmas Eve or on the morning of Christmas Day. 
  • Sunday 27th December. Service online.

Community Outreach Worker

We have been given permission to recruit for a ‘Community Outreach Worker’ to work in the Govanhill area of our parish. The post has now been advertised and we continue to receive intimations of interest. The closing date for applications is 8th January. 

Details of this post can be found here:

Scented Lament

Some of you will have noted the information circulated earlier about the ‘scented lament’ initiative. Details can be found here: 

Just a couple of days remaining for you to send in your sprig of rosemary!

Reflections at the Quay 

You may recall that when lockdown began earlier this year, the BBC broadcast ‘Reflections from the Quay’ each Sunday morning. It is good to note that these programmes have returned and a second series will run from Advent to Easter. The first programme in this second series was held on Sunday past and the remaining broadcast for December will be as follows:

Sunday 13th December – 10.30am

Sunday 20th December – 10.00am

Sunday 27th December – 9.40am

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day continues by email, phone and on the website every day apart from Sunday. 

Anyone who would be willing to contribute a week’s ‘Thoughts’ on an occasional basis should get in touch with me.

A Zoom Conversation

This week’s update (13th October)

Following all the hard work, preparation, excitement, and anxiety surrounding our live ‘in person’ service on 4th October, things now seem a little less frantic. 

But that does not mean that there is not a huge amount of work going on connected with a wide range of matters.

Next Service in the Church Building

The Kirk Session will consider the proposal that the next service in the church be held on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November. Assuming this is approved, more details will follow, and we may also be able to indicate when we are able to hold future services in the building.

Meanwhile the online services will continue on the intervening Sundays.

Pastoral Matters

As has been previously explained, there are only currently a very few situations of particular urgency where a Minister is permitted to undertake a pastoral visit. Nonetheless, do please keep the Minister informed of any matters of pastoral urgency so that action can be taken as appropriate and permitted.

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day continues by email, phone and on the website every day apart from Sunday.

This Week’s Update (15th September)

Returning to our Building

As you know, the anticipated return to our building for Sunday 20th September has had to be held back as not all of the requirements and approvals are yet in place. With regard to these ongoing preparations for the re-opening of the church building, a lot of work is being undertaken to ensure that all that needs to be done has been done in order to be approved for re-opening. This includes waiting on contractors undertaking some necessary works etc. Both Euan Gibb and Jo Gibb have been and continue to be working hard to ensure all this is done.

The Kirk Session is meeting by ‘Zoom’ on Sunday coming at 12 noon and we hope to be in a position to agree our Risk Assessment at that meeting and proceed thereafter to submit our application for re-opening to Presbytery. 

The hoped for date for the first service back in the church building is now Sunday 4th October (Harvest Thanksgiving). As soon as this is finally confirmed we will announce this.

Booking your place at the service

On the assumption that we are able to proceed with our plan to re-open for worship at 11am on Sunday 4th October, you will need to book your place. This is to ensure that a) we do not exceed the numbers permitted by Government regulation b) we have names and contact details for contact tracing purposes (Test and Protect) as required by law and c) we can ensure that the correct number of places are set out in the Welcome Hall as well as in the Sanctuary. 

Please indicate your intention to attend, and provide a contact telephone number, also indicating where you require to be seated in the Welcome Hall rather than the Sanctuary, by either telephoning the Session Clerk, Jo Gibb (0141 638 5768 or 07522 997748) or emailing Jo ( A household group need only provide one phone number, but will still need to indicate how many are in their group.

Test and Protect

NHS Scotland’s ‘Test and Protect’ strategy requires us to have a record of all who attend the church building along with their contact telephone number (or that of the ‘lead person’ in a household group). As indicated above, this can be provided as part of the ‘booking’ system. 

All data collected in this way will be subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. The record of these details will be stored securely, not used for any other purpose, and securely destroyed after the required 21 days (and no later than 28 days) following attendance at the church building. 

Live-streaming, internet service and phone line

Services held in the church building will be ‘live-cast’ online on the church’s webpage, Facebook page and YouTube page and (later in the day) will be available also by phone. 

This week’s update (9th September)

Returning to our Building


We are still hoping to return to our building for worship on Sunday 20 September. The Kirk Session will meet by ‘Zoom’ on Thursday evening to approve the Risk Assessment and to consider the proposal that we re-open as planned on Sunday 20th, initially on a monthly basis. If this is approved, then both this decision and the Risk Assessment will be submitted to Presbytery for their approval. We cannot re-open for worship unless and until the Presbytery review our Risk Assessment and agree that we have adhered to all the guidance (which is considerable!) and are safe to re-open for worship. Re-opening the building for any other purposes (beyond the provision of emergency food supplies via the Food Bank and Club 170) will still be some way off and will depend on the further easing of restrictions by the Scottish Government. Recent developments in the Glasgow area strongly suggest that this may still be some considerable way off.

Assuming that all approvals are given and we are able to re-open for worship on a monthly basis commencing Sunday 20th September, then, as has been indicated, we will need to observe several requirements and restrictions, including:

  • It will be the responsibility of each individual to undertake their own assessment of their vulnerability using the checklist which can be found here and then make their own decision on whether or not to attend
  • People MUST book a place in advance and spaces will be strictly limited due to Government restrictions. In addition to those who will have to be present in order for the service to happen at all, there will be space for no more than another 40 people. There is more information on how to ‘book’ a place given below.
  • Those who cannot access the sanctuary by the stairs or who require ready access to the toilets will need to indicate that they wish a place in the Welcome Hall where the service will be live-streamed. The lift will not be available
  • Everyone will be required to have their attendance recorded upon arrival
  • Hand sanitizer should be used on entry and exit
  • Physical distancing will be observed, a one-way system in place and worshippers will be required to be seated as directed and await direction before exiting
  • We are required to ensure that the building is thoroughly ventilated and so – although we are permitted to use the heating system – it may be quite cool and draughty (and will be even more so as the year progresses)
  • Households may sit together in pews only (and children are welcome! We will include an all-age talk etc and activity packs for the children will be issued)
  • Singing will not take place
  • Face coverings will be required throughout the service except for those leading or reading for the period they are so doing
  • No teas and coffees will be served at this stage
  • There will be no shaking of hands or physical greetings

If this does not sound too appealing, be assured, that we are seeking to make the service in church as meaningful as we possibly can and those who attended the ‘dry run’ on 16th August found it so, in spite of prior reservations or fears.

Booking your place at the service


On the assumption that we are able to proceed with our plan to re-open for worship at 11am on Sunday 20th September, you will need to book your place. This is to ensure that a) we do not exceed the numbers permitted by Government regulation b) we have names and contact details for contact tracing purposes (Test and Protect) as required by law and c) we can ensure that the correct number of places are set out in the Welcome Hall as well as in the Sanctuary.

Please indicate your intention to attend, and provide a contact telephone number, also indicating where you require to be seated in the Welcome Hall rather than the Sanctuary, by either telephoning the Session Clerk, Jo Gibb (0141 638 5768 or 07522 997748) or emailing Jo ( A household group need only provide one phone number, but will still need to indicate how many are in their group.

Test and Protect

NHS Scotland’s ‘Test and Protect’ strategy requires us to have a record of all who attend the church building along with their contact telephone number (or that of the ‘lead person’ in a household group). As indicated above, this can be provided as part of the ‘booking’ system.

All data collected in this way will be subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. The record of these details will be stored securely, not used for any other purpose, and securely destroyed after the required 21 days (and no later than 28 days) following attendance at the church building.

Live-streaming, internet service and phone line


Services held in the church building will be ‘live-cast’ online on the church’s webpage, Facebook page and YouTube page and (later in the day) will be available also by phone.


The weekly online worship will not be available on the Sundays when worship takes place in the building (but will be replaced by the online live-cast) but will continue at 11.00am each Sunday on the webpage, Facebook page, YouTube and phone line on those Sundays when worship is not occurring in the building.

Pastoral Visits and meetings in homes


You will have heard that the Scottish Government has extended the new temporary restrictions in the Glasgow area to include additional Local Authority areas, and that the restrictions are continuing for the meanwhile.

This means that members should not visit other members in their homes for this period of time, and it also prevents the Minister or elders paying pastoral visits at home.

This week’s update (25 th August)

Returning to our Building
It remains our hope to return to our building for worship on Sunday 20 September. This is
dependent upon the Risk Assessment etc being completed and approved and nearer the time we
will be providing all the necessary details. Meanwhile, it is important to note that re-opening our
building for worship on 20 September does not necessarily mean that there will be a service at the
church every week, at least in the first instance. It is more likely that we will begin with the service
being monthly or fortnightly (subject to decision of the Kirk Session) and look towards a return to
weekly worship at a later stage.
Also, a return to the holding of services in the church does not mean that we will be able to resume other uses of the church building. Current regulations and guidance only allow us to use the building for very limited purposes and not for general activities.
And a reminder too that the numbers able to attend will be limited, physical distancing will be required, and all who attend will need to give contact details etc for ‘Trace and Protect’ purposes.

It will, therefore, be necessary for us to operate a ‘booking system’.
Those attending services in the church building will be required to observe a ‘one-way’ system, be directed to a seat, physically distance, wear a face covering, refrain from singing and not physically greet other worshippers. While much of that sounds unappealing, be assured that we will seek to make the worship experience as meaningful as possible, and that those who attended the
experimental service on 16 th August report that it was more meaningful than they may have feared
or expected.

For those who cannot attend…
We appreciate that – for a number of reasons – not all our members will feel able to return at this
stage, and that numbers allowed to attend will be limited. So we aim to ‘live-cast’ the service online
and (later in the day) make it available also by phone. As you are aware, there were some technical
problems with the live-cast when we experimented with this on 16 August. These have now been
addressed and the team are confident that it should go smoothly once we get to the first Sunday of
our return to the church building.
However, please do bear in mind that what is being ‘live-cast’ is the worship actually taking place in
the building and not the ‘direct to camera’ cosy chats that have been a feature of our recorded
online services! From the comments I received back in March when we began our online services, I
know that some of us took a little while to get used to them and found them initially very different
from being ‘in church’! But now we are used to them, and enjoying them, we may have to adjust a
wee bit again to the live-casting experience from church… but we’ll get there! The hard-working and
dedicated team of folks who are attending to this are on a steep learning curve and with only limited
equipment and resources.

Online Worship
What has become our now familiar weekly online worship will continue at 11.00am each Sunday on
the webpage, Facebook page, YouTube and phone line until we return to worship in the building and
also on those Sundays when we do not have a service in the building.

This week’s update (19 August)

Sunday 16th August

We undertook a ‘dry run’ of worship form the church building on Sunday 16th August with a very few folks present in the sanctuary and the service ‘live-cast’ over the internet. This was by way of a further experiment to enable us to assess the arrangements that have been painstakingly introduced to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for the safety of those who will attend, to gauge how people felt about worship in a physically distanced setting, with necessary face coverings and no singing etc, and also to allow us to test out the technology for live-casting the service.

With regard to the arrangements to ensure safety etc, these all worked as we had hoped and arrangements for recording attendance for ‘trace and protect’ purposes, a one way system, availability of hand sanitizer, physically distanced seating and so on all appeared to work as intended.

The general feedback on the service itself by folks who attended was that it felt better than expected (or feared). It was acknowledged that not being able to sing was a little unusual and awkward, but that the service remained worshipful. It was also pointed out that the length of the service would need to be carefully monitored so as to mitigate the discomfort of wearing a face covering for an extended period.

When it came to the technology there were however a number of challenges and difficulties which resulted in intermittent loss of sound (both by the internet and in the building), difficulties with video clips, lighting and camera issues etc. Of course, part of the reasons for arranging such a ‘dry run’ was to identify such challenges so that they can be addressed. They have all been carefully noted, action is being taken, and it is intended that all the outstanding issues will be addressed in advance of any eventual return to the building. We are confident that these difficulties will be overcome, but to encounter so many was certainly disappointing and frustrating for those who have put in such dedicated and hard work over long hours to ensure the technology was in place.

To them, and all those who work very hard indeed to ensure both our recorded web services and our ‘live-cast’ provision is in place, we owe a very great debt of gratitude, and we are very appreciative of the hard work which they will now be putting into addressing the remaining problems while also continuing to provide our online worship services.

And if you wish to check the service from Sunday again, but now with all the video clips with sound etc, you can do so here

Returning to our Building

So, after all that planning and testing when do we hope to return? The Kirk Session have agreed to plan for a return to worship in our building on Sunday 20 September with that service also being live-cast (and hopefully all the technological hitches will be fixed). Full details will be announced nearer the time, but as numbers attending are strictly limited by law and as ‘trace and protect’ needs to be observed, it will be essential that those who wish to attend worship in the building ‘book in’ in advance. Details of all the requirements will be indicated in due course. Thereafter, we will make the decision whether worship in the building will resume on a weekly or monthly basis.

Worship meanwhile…

…will continue in the online format we have become used to over that last few months since ‘lockdown’. As usual, it will be made available at 11.00am each Sunday on the webpage, Facebook page, YouTube and phone line.

This week’s update (28 July)

Back to the Building

The small group looking at this will be meeting on site next week. Once they have assessed the situation they will report to the Kirk Session who will make a decision on how to proceed and when to re-open and how to apply the guidance to our building and services.

It will not be an easy decision to make nor – once we decide – easy to manage.

But a lot of thinking and preparatory work has already been undertaken, and we will let you know as soon as we are able what we at Queens Park Govanhill will hope and plan to do.

Thought for the Day

Our daily ‘Thought for the Day’ continues to be provided each day (except Sundays) by email, on the webpage and by telephone 0141 473 6899.

This week’s ‘thoughts’ have been provided by Lynn Flower to whom we are very grateful. A couple of folks have (in response to a request from our Interim Minister) offered to provide the Thought for the Day for an occasional week. If others are willing to offer to do this, then do please get in touch with David.

Choir in Quarantine

We hope you have by now checked out the choir’s lockdown anthems etc and have ordered your copy of their CD! If not, then you can listen and order via the website.

Sunday Services

…continue every Sunday at 11am on the webpage, Facebook and YouTube and an audio version on the phone 0141 473 6899. This coming Sunday (2nd August) we will be continuing our short series looking at Romans chapter 8. Looking further ahead, the service on 16th August will include another wee contribution from Bruce Davies who – as you may recall – sang for us some weeks ago.

Church update – 22/7/20


We hope that people appreciated the services while our Interim Minister was on leave, and enjoyed the two that were so kindly provided by the Moderator, Rt Revd Dr Martin Fair. Online Sunday worship will be continuing for the foreseeable future on Sundays at 11.00am on the congregational website, YouTube, Facebook and by phone. Thanks are due to all who make these possible!

NB – Do check out the choir’s ‘album’ of recordings made during ‘lockdown’ to be found below or by clicking here.

Back to Church

In mid-July the First Minister announced that places of worship could re-open subject to some restrictions. The following week, the Church of Scotland issued updated guidance to assist congregations in planning for such a return to our buildings. A small group have already been working on preparing the building, assessing the risks and planning what a return to our building may look like, and has now planned another on-site meeting to re-
assess in the light of the new guidance which we are currently studying. Thereafter (and probably in mid-August) the Kirk Session will be consulted and a decision taken on how, whether and when to return to our building for worship with indications of the implications for those attending. It may be that we may choose to wait until the restrictions are not so severe before we decide to return. Or it may be that we will conclude that – even with the restrictions imposed – we would like to plan towards a return to use of our building. These are not easy decisions to take or simple judgements to make. Please be patient as we digest the guidance, assess the implications for QPG, discuss the options and come to a decision. We want to ensure the safety of all, while also wanting our return to the building to be a positive experience. You will no doubt hear of other church buildings beginning to open. Each congregation will need to assess and decide for themselves and so it is likely that some will open sooner and some later. No
two buildings are the same and there are particular challenges in our building that we need to factor in to our decision.

Choir in Quarantine

The church choir have been working very hard during lockdown and have been recording anthems and blessings for the weekly online service. We have compiled these into an album for you to enjoy! Below is a link to the album on Sound Cloud and on Youtube. If you would like a copy of it please get in touch with your name and address so that we will send you a CD asap.

Queens Park Govanhill Parish Church · Choir in Quarantine

If you would like to receive weekly updates via email get in touch and we will add your details to our mailing list.

Weekly updates

Each week we are publishing a weekly update on whats happening in our church family during lockdown. We hope this gives you an insight into what we are doing during these difficult times and that although the building is closed. Church is still very much open!

Every week we will update this page with current news etc.

This information is also emailed (in a more expanded form) to a large number of our members. Do let us know if you wish to receive the email version.

Weekly update – 25th June 2020

Annual Leave
Our Interim Minister, David Denniston, will be on leave from Monday 29 June until Friday 17 July.

Kirk Session Decisions
During this period of lockdown, the Kirk Session has agreed to take any urgent decisions via email (with phone consultation with those without internet access).
By this means the Kirk Session have recently been able to make some important decisions:

  1. We agree not to open the building for personal/private prayer in Phase 2
  2. We agree that when Government and Church of Scotland advice allows us to open for physically distanced small groups (probably not until Phase 3) we may do so for attendance only by those not in the vulnerable categories and with all appropriate steps taken to ensure physical distancing and enhanced hygiene
  3. We agree not to recommence Sunday Worship until all groups are able to attend
  4. We agree to plan to arrange an ‘on-line’ Communion Service(s)
  5. We approve the initial steps towards setting up a ‘Process Group’ in order to take forward the aims and objectives of this Interim Ministry period.

There are very good reasons for all of these decisions.
We are currently preparing for what might happen when we are finally able to get back into our building for worship. A small group has begun the process of assessing how we might organise a return to the building when that is eventually possible (which will be some time yet). We will need to plan for what Sunday worship may look like if, as seems possible, we have to physically distance from one another by 2 metres, use a ‘one way’ system for entry and exit, refrain from touching and from singing, not be allowed to have separate children’s groups, not use hymnbooks, bibles or printed orders of service, have only limited access to toilets, etc.
Many of you will also have noted that it is now possible for churches to open for private prayer at this time. You will see from above that we will not be doing so. This is partly because such use of our building has not generally been a feature of our practice in QPG, but also because of the restrictions that would need to be in place (physical distancing, not touching surfaces etc) and the requirement to deploy folks to ‘police’ the distancing, be on door duty, intensively clean the building regularly and so on.
One colleague in Fort William has this notice on the church door which says it all!


‘Online’ Communion
As you will have noted from the Kirk Session decisions (above) we will be having Communion as part of our ‘online’ service on Sunday coming, 28 June. You can share in this – if you wish – online or via the dedicated phone number. You will need to have some bread and some wine (or grape juice) to hand on Sunday.
As you may recall, we had decided to proceed with ensuring that some at least of our Communion Services were ‘all-age’ and that children who were part of our church family could, with parents/carers agreement, share in the sacrament. Sadly, our plans to do just that on Mother’s Day were thwarted when lockdown came. Perhaps parents and carers will feel that the online service provides a good opportunity to talk to you youngsters about communion and to have them share with you.


During this time of ‘lockdown’ the weekly Sunday service continues and can be found on the webpage, YouTube and Facebook at 11am each Sunday morning and also on our dedicated telephone number 0141 473 6899.

This Sunday (21 June) the theme is ‘Lamentation’ and so you may be interested in checking out this Christian group in the United States called ‘The Many’ who have produced a series of videos on YouTube on the theme of Lament. The video directly related to the current Covd-19 situation can be found at this link, and from there you can find links to their other videos.

I will be on holiday for the first part of July. Clearly in the current situation pulpit supply is a wee bit of a problem. However, I am very happy to say that the Moderator, Rt Revd Dr Martin Fair, is preparing two separate services for online use for churches where the Minister is taking leave over the summer weeks. So we will still have some excellent online services in these first two weeks of July, hopefully including several of our own congregation too!

Thought for the Day

The daily ‘Thought for the Day’ continues to go out by email, on the church webpage and by telephone on 0141 473 6899.

Inevitably, as time goes on these thoughts are likely to gradually move away from a focus on the current situation, and as we emerge from ‘lockdown’ they will begin to turn to a variety of themes, and plans are now being put in place to ensure that these ‘thoughts’ continue even once ‘lockdown’ has been eased.

Looking to the Future

The Church of Scotland has issued guidance on how to prepare for a return to the building once we eventually get to that phase of the easing of current restrictions. It is clear that there will be a lot of work involved in preparing to return to the building (which may yet be months away!). We are expecting the Scottish Government to make an announcement on progress on easing lockdown later this week.

It is important to know that the guidance already received indicates that when we eventually return to the building there will first have to be thorough and detailed assessments made, local guidance put in place and rigorous hygiene instituted. This will not be a quick task! So even when we get the permission to have worship gatherings in church, there will still be a significant delay before we actually return.

We will keep you up to date on progress and decisions as we move forward.


Worship and Prayer

The weekly Sunday service continues and can be found on the webpage, YouTube and Facebook at 11am each Sunday morning and also on our dedicated telephone number 0141 473 6899.

This Sunday we are very privileged to have a musical item offered by singer/songwriter Bruce Davies. Bruce has been a friend of mine for over 40 years and is a professional artiste with many TV and radio appearances and several successful CDs. He is also a committed Christian and some of you who tuned into the virtual ‘Heart and Soul’ event from the Church of Scotland on what would have been Assembly Sunday will recognise him… and the song he is singing for us this week! Bruce has kindly and generously made some of his songs available to his Minister friends for inclusion in their online worship. We may include others in weeks to come.

Since making this offer and recording these songs, Bruce and his wife Sandra have endured a most grievous loss in the sudden and tragic death of Sandra’s son (Bruce’s stepson). Please pray for them at this dreadful time. This loss makes his song on Sunday all the more poignant.

Let us also continue to pause for prayer on a daily basis at 9am and 7pm daily, if we are able, and especially at 7pm on Sundays when Christians throughout Scotland are pausing for prayer and lighting a candle of hope.

The daily ‘Thought for the Day’ continues to go out by email, on the church webpage and by telephone on 0141 473 6899.

Looking to the Future

I have been asking you to pray for God’s guidance and clarity of vision as we plan ahead. Please keep praying about all of this. At this stage it is not entirely clear when lockdown will be further eased and our buildings open for worship. Nor is it clear what restrictions may be imposed when we do return (possibilities include physical distancing, limited numbers allowed to attend, no singing etc, those in ‘vulnerable groups’ not able to join in worship and so on).

But we will also have to bear in mind that nothing will be returning to ‘normal’ as we previously knew it. How we are, do and experience church in the future has already changed and it will not return to what we knew… it will be different… and perhaps excitingly so in some respects! Let’s hope and pray that there are opportunities for positive change emerging out of this dreadful situation. Meanwhile, be assured that a lot of work is already going on to re-imagine what the future might be and how we might best move towards it when the time comes, while supporting one another as we seek to- cope with ongoing constraints and a different future.

Funding for Projects

Last week I reported that we had applied for funding to enable us to offer food voucher support to vulnerable families at this time. We are able to report the happy news that the Community Wellbeing Fund (Covid-19 Response) has offered a grant of £2,000.00 for this purpose. This is very positive news indeed!

And more good news! Some weeks ago I reported that it seemed that an application made by the Well in partnership with our congregation for a family pack project to provide craft and educational packs for families in need in our parish had failed. But in fact the funding has now been provided and this excellent project will also be going ahead.

All round good news in our ongoing efforts to reach out to those most in need and most vulnerable at this difficult time.

An opportunity

I further mentioned last week that I had been as contacted by a professional musician and composer who lives in the parish who wants to develop a project whereby he and the church come together to use music especially composed by him and recorded in the church building.

Discussions are continuing and the plans continue to develop, with applications by this musician and composer for funding awaiting outcome.



The church of Scotland have launched a donation page for each congregation on their website and we have a link to our ‘Donations‘ page. More information can be found there and any donations are greatly received.

Call to Listen 0141 473 6899

We have launched a new service called ‘Call to Listen’. This is a phone number 0141 473 6899 where people who struggle to access the internet to watch our services or read our daily reflections can phone and listen to them over the phone instead. We hope you will pass this onto all your friends who struggle to access our online content!

Following the advice that we should stop Sunday morning services for the time being we have been looking at how we can still share in worship in a virtual environment. We are pleased to say that we will therefore be conducting the following:

11am every Sunday we will post a ‘service’. Here, Twitter, Youtube and on Facebook

We are also publishing challenges for younger people on our pathfinder challenges page and will be publishing reflections from our interim minster the Rev David Denniston on our reflections page.

We would encourage you to participate in a pause for prayer twice a day if you are able when we will be remembering those in the wider world, those in our parish, and those at QPG.

Finally we would like to invite and encourage you to take part in the national day of prayer (This Sunday) by lighting a candle at 7pm as ‘a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer.’

Keep praying, keep hoping and keep well!
Blessings from all those at QPG.


We are sad to announce we have been advised that services should not continue for the time being, including any easter services. This is for everyones safety. This will remain in effect until further notice and we all look forward to the day when we can re-open for worship. Until then we are looking into the possibilities of live streaming or posting worship and sermons etc. However more information will follow on that at a later date.
Keep praying, keep hoping and keep well!
Blessing from all at QPG.

Unfortunately due the current circumstances our lunch stop and coffee stop on tuesday and Thursday will not be running for the next 4 weeks following NHS and Government advice. We will be reviewing this regularly and will keep you up up to date.

Christmas Party

On Saturday we held a Christmas Party for the young people in the church, the young people who come to our holiday club and the young people from the various groups who use our church premises on a weekly basis. At the party they had lovely food prepared by our kitchen team, Played various party games, all accompanied by their favourite Christmas music. They then had a visit from Santa! The children all had a wonderful time and thank you to everyone who came a long to help and made it possible.

Church Choir Carol Singing!

Our church choir went out carol singing to raise money for Blythswood Care last night. They managed to raise almost £200 and raise good cheer. Well done church choir!


Downton Abbey afternoon tea

This week on Saturday our TTM team held a Downton abbey themed afternoon tea for the congregation and friends. This was a roaring success, with scrumptious cakes, tea and coffee served. Those attending were encouraged to dress up in the style of Downton or as their favourite characters from the show. Below are some pictures from the afternoon. An amazing time was had by all with people raving about the experience. Thank you to everyone who was there to make the afternoon a special one and thank you to those who organised the event. It was truly spectacular.

Quoir Glasgow

Tonight we had Quoir Glasgow give us an amazing concert. They rehearse in our halls every Friday night and tonight treated us to a lovely evening of music, Christmas Carol singing and music to please everyones music tastes. Thank you Quoir Glasgow!

Gift Service

This Sunday (15/12/19) we are collecting gifts for children who are less fortunate. They are for children aged up to 8 years old and are collected before the service. They are then collected by the charity Church House later in the day and distributed over the Christmas Period. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Club 170 Christmas Dinner

Every week we hold a meal just before the evening service for the homeless and people of need in our parish and beyond. This week however was slightly special. We had our Praise band playing for the people throughout their meal, the Christmas story was told and a carol sung. We then had a special visit form Santa who handed out some presents for everyone.

Christmas Children’s Film Night

On Friday (6/12/19) we held a children’s film night. There was a scrumptious dinner of fish fingers and chips then we watched the movie ‘Nativity Rocks’. A fun time was had by all. It was wonderful to see so many children and familiar faces returning each year and from our holiday club. Thank you to everyone who came along to help.

Christmas Services

We would love for you to join us at our annual Christmas services over the month of December. the poster below has all the details of what to expect each week.

christmas 2019.jpg

Remembrance Service

This morning we held our annual remembrance service. Thank you to everyone who made the service a special one and to all those who decorated the sanctuary.

John Ross Memorial Church for Deaf

We are very pleased to announce that the John Ross Memorial Church for Deaf is now worshiping with us in our building. They meet every Sunday at 11am with us and join with us after the service for tea and coffee. We are pleased to welcome them and hope they continue to worship with us. We will be publishing their quarterly magazine alongside our own monthly magazine on our website and facebook page which you will be able to download or get in touch with us to request a printed copy. We will also be amending our contact us page to include their contact details should you wish to get in touch with them. There will also be an information page on our website for more information.

October Children’s Club (14/10/2019)

This week we held our holiday club during the October break. It was as ever very successful and a great time was had by all. During the week the children were given the opportunity to bake and prepare food, take part in games, enjoy inflatables and we even took a trip to Pollock Park for a Barbecue! Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help out and thanks to all the children who came along and made it an enjoyable time for everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Harvest Service

Last Sunday we held our annual harvest service where we collect tins of food as well as fresh fruit and vegetables which are then taken to Church House charity who distribute them. The service this year was a family service taken by our interim minister David. There were short reflections, lively hymns and and a reflective activity at then end of the service.


The next chapter…

Today we say Goodbye to John Loyd who has been our locum for the last 18 months. We are holding a lunch for him after the service and have presented him with a card and gifts to say thank you. In John’s time with us he has ordained 4 new elders, he has lead us in countless services, has given support for many of us and has remained strong even through the most difficult moments.
In the words of Mission Praise 460:
May God’s blessing surround you each day,
As you trust in and walk in His way,
May His presence within guard and keep you from sin,
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.
Thank you John for all you have done for us.
This should also be an encouraging time as David Denniston our interim minister takes over full time as we look forward to what the next chapter holds for us.

Macmillan coffee morning

On Saturday we held our annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan cancer research charity. Wee had cake, hot drinks, pentry opportunities to donate to an amazing charity and the chance for a chat with friends. A great time was had by all and we raised a substantial sum of money wheach has now been sent to Macmillan. Thankyou to everyone who came along to suOrton the coffee morning and thank to thos who organised it.

Interim Minister

Last Thursday (12/9/19) we formally welcomed our Interim Minister David Denniston at an introduction service. We look forward to see what the next chapter of our Church life at Queens Park Govanhill Parish Church holds.

Summer Holiday Club (part 2)

This week has been our final holiday club week for the summer. we will be holding our next holiday club during the October week. This week has seen Bushcraft skills, food making, games, crafts and lots of fun for all. Thanks to everyone who came to help and everyone who made the week a special one.

Summer Mission in Maidens

This year we are continuing our tradition of hosting a summer mission week in Maidens. This year is out 25th year holding a summer mission. Although it was not always in Maidens, previous to the year 2000 we held one in Creetown which is a small seaside town in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, which forms part of Galloway. We are holding this years summer mission next week (leaving on the 13th of July from 170 queens drive and will be returning on the 20th).

Our mission team consists of around 20 volunteers, all of whom come from either the congregation of friends of our congregation. During the week we hold morning, afternoon and evening sessions for the children who attend. These sessions include singing, games activities and crafts in the morning, different activities in the afternoon, such as barbecues, scavenger hunts, days to local attractions, and other similar activities. Evening activities usually consist of slightly different activities such as sports evenings, movie nights, and a special evening at the end of the week such as talent showcases. We look forward to seeing everyone there and hopefully some new faces also. We are always welcome to visitors who pop in to see us in action from time to time and who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with crafts, and games!

Summer Holiday Club (Part 1)

This week (the first week of the summer holidays) has been another huge success in our holiday clubs. Everyone had an amazing time with activities such as Cycling in the park, playing games, making crafts to take home and baking some lovely snacks to eat. Everyone learned useful skills as well from leadership, organisation, baking and tidying up after. Below is a slideshow of all this things we did during the week. We hope to see you again for part 2 in the last week of the holidays running from the 5th to the 10th of August. Even if you didn’t manage to the first week we would be very happy to have you for the last week. Hope to see you there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Summer Re-Paint

This week, just in time for our summer holiday club starting, we all chipped in and got our welcome hall repainted. Thank you to everyone who came along to help. It made such a difference! Below is pictures of the hall half way through and the finished product. It’s the same colours just a bit brighter and fresh looking.





Summer Holiday Club

We will be running our holiday club again this year following the continued success of previous holiday clubs. We are running the club for the first and last week of the school summer holiday. As always providing food, crafts, games, and trips out to the park ensuring fun for everyone. The poster below has details of how to get in touch and as always everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Holiday Club summer 2019

C.A.P Service

On Sunday (9/6/19) we had a presentation during the service from ‘Christians Against Poverty’ where they updated us on what they have been doing since they last spoke to us and will be giving us information on how to get involved and donate. We have been previously involved with ‘C.A.P’ and look forward to see how we can become involved once again. Please join us to find out how you can support this worthy cause or how you could get involved too. If you were unable to join us for this service we have a video recording of the service below which you can watch. If you have any questions CAP web address is where you can get in touch with them. The presentation can be watched here via our facebook page.

New Elders

On Sunday the 21st of April (Easter Sunday) we ordained 4 new elders into our church. They were Betty Roberts, Allan Watt, Wendy Bradley and Euan Gibb. The new elders would like to thank everyone who was there, and everyone who gave them messages of support, encouragement and words of wisdom.

Our Easter Services

Over Easter we will be holding a number of services, listed below. We hope you will join us in remembering this time of year and in celebrating Easter with us. There has been a service missed off the poster which is our Maundy Thursday service at 7pm. Hope to see you all there.

Easter 2019

February Holiday Club

Over the February school holiday we are continuing our Holiday clubs on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 12:30. Each day the Children will receive a healthy lunch and participate in a number of activities including crafts, games and special events each day including a trip to Queens Park, A Trip to Pollock Park and a Trip to Soft play where the children had an amazing time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christmas at QPG

As always at Queens Park Govanhill Parish Church Christmas was a very busy time of year for everyone. We had a Christmas Disco, Christmas movie Night, all our usual Christmas services, the tree was decorated, and we held our annual Christmas lunch. Below are some photos of our Christmas tree, the puppets in the family service who helped us tell the Christmas story, and our service flyer.

Annual Christmas Services

Over December and the Christmas period we have our usual annual services which this year are:

Sunday 2nd December – Advent service

Sunday 9th December – Choir Service

Sunday 16th December – Family Gift Service and Lunch afterwords

Sunday 23rd December – Traditional Christmas Service

Monday 24th December – Carols by Candlelight – 7pm

Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Morning Celebratory Service – 11am

christmas 2019

Christmas Disco!

In the coming months we will be having a number of events in the church the first of which is a Christmas Disco. There will be music, games, snacks and even a visit from Santa himself! The poster below has all the details. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Upcoming events

Over the Christmas period we have a number of events in planning and will be posting more details and sneak previews of them on the Facebook page and here nearer the time so keep checking up with us so as not to miss out.

October Children’s Club

Following the success of the summer club, we have decided to run a similar club over the October break. We will be having games, crafts and special entertainment each day that it is on. Please see our Facebook page for all the details and up to date information on the club. The poster for the event is placed below. The club again was a great success! Thanks to all who helped run the club. Like the summer club we had games, crafts and lunch for all the children.

Summer Children’s Club

Over the school summer holidays we set up and ran a children’s club for primary school children. There was breakfast and lunch provided for the children as well as games, entertainment and crafts for them to do. The whole event was a huge success with the children having an amazing time.

Lark in the Park

On the 7th of April we are having a community fun day in Queens Park beside the pond. It will be a jam packed day full of fun and community spirit. It brings to a close the 150 @ 170 celebration year and is set to be fun and exciting day. If you see any of us feel free to come and say hi. We look forward to seeing some of you there. It was a great day for all to enjoy. Thanks to all who came and took part and especially thanks to all who came and helped on that day stewarding the event. We had performances from local groups and artists, crafts, face painting, inflatables, children rides, bike workshops and obstacle courses, pony riding, games and information stalls to name just a few.

Easter Services

On the week leading up to Easter from Wednesday we had a number of services to remind us and to allow us to reflect on this time of year and what it means for us as Christians.

We started with a service lead by the Choir on the Wednesday which took us through the Easter story from the last supper right through to the crucifixion and then the subsequent resurrection. Giving all those who attended an opportunity to reflect on the story as a whole.

Then on the Thursday we had a communion service taken by our Associate Minister who lead us on a journey brining together all who attended and drawing us deeper into the events of the Easter week.

Finally on the Friday we had a series of reflections taken by member of the congregation which looked at Easter through the eyes of different key witnesses. Taking us through to Easter Sunday which was an uplifting service bringing the week of services to an end.

Christmas Services

Why not join us over the Christmas Break? Our services will be taking place on:

Sunday (Christmas Eve) – 11am morning service & 7pm Carol Service

Monday (Christmas Day) – 11am

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Moderators Visit

We were very please to welcome the Moderator of the General Assembly last Sunday (17/12/17). It was an inspiring time as He lead and joined with us in Worship along with the Moderator of the Glasgow presbytery. We all enjoyed his sermon very much which was entitled “Building Up”. This is just one of our many celebratory events happening throughout our 150th year celebrations of being on our current site of 170 queens drive. If you were with us we hope you also enjoyed your time with us and look forward to welcoming you again. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the latest updates of whats coming up and what to expect.

Christmas Tree Festivaltree festival

The tree festival which was running from the 30th of November until the 2nd of December culminating on Sunday the 3rd of December. It was a huge success raising a large amount of money which has been donated to the Lodging House Mission. A charity which does an amazing job throughout Glasgow working closely with those most in need. Our Christmas tree festival featured over 25 trees sponsored and decorated by local charities, businesses, schools, groups who hire our halls and church organisations. All of the trees were decorated beautifully and transformed our building (The sanctuary featured above). There was live music performed throughout the festival, performances included Hollybrook Academy choir, A performance by Poppins Kindergarten which the First Minister thoroughly enjoyed, a string quartet, allowing for a reflective time and our very own church choir. The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who is also our MP visited on Friday enjoying the trees, live music and performances; click here for an article about the visit. It was amazing to see everyone who attended and we hope to see you all again soon. Of course thank you to everyone who volunteered to help and who made this possible as well as everyone who helped to organise the event, it was a very special time, allowing us not only to enjoy the Christmas trees and music but to reflect upon this time of year and its importance in the Church calendar.

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