Club 170

Every Sunday at 17.00, providing hot meals for all, at 170 Queen’s Drive.

Lunch Stop

Every Tuesday from September to June at 12.00, providing hot meals for the local community.

Bible Studies

Alternating Mondays from October to June at 19.30 and every Thursday from October to June at 13.00.

Prayer Group

Every Tuesday from October to June at 11.30, every Wednesday from 19.00-20.00, and every Sunday at 10.45.

Coffee Club

Every Thursday from September to June at 10.00, providing tea, coffee, and food for the local community.

Food Bank

Every Thursday all year from 10am until 12pm. Providing food parcels for those in the local community who require use of a food bank.


Every Thursday from September to May at 19.30 for practice and rehearsal.

The Guild

Alternating Wednesdays from October to March at 14.00, featuring speakers, activities, discussion, fundraising and outings.


At 170 Queen’s Drive, on the second Tuesday of the month from October to April at 19.30, featuring discussion, speakers, fundraising and outings.

Support Group for Victims of Torture

At 170 Queen’s Drive, meeting quarterly to support victims of torture and persecution through prayer and writing letters.