Welcome to Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church

For pastoral needs please contact the minister on 07903 926727 or email DDenniston@churchofscotland.org.uk

Following advice we have closed the building for now. However we are pleased to say that at 11am every Sunday we will post a ‘service’. Here, Youtube and on Facebook. Links are also available on our Twitter page. We also have a call-to-listen service which you can listen to by calling 0141 473 6899.

We would encourage you to participate in a pause for prayer twice a day if you are able when we will be remembering those in the wider world, those in our parish, and those at QPG.

Keep praying, keep hoping and keep well!
Blessings from all those at QPG.


Queen’s Park Govanhill is a Church of Scotland parish church situated on the South Side of Glasgow. All are welcome at Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church. For an insight into what we do you can find our monthly magazine here, and listen to our services here.

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We exist as a parish church to represent, discover and extend the Kingdom of God in our parish, and through our parish, the world. We gather as a church family in order to explore and nurture our faith through life in active community and through worship. As we grow together, we want to share out God’s love with our neighbours. We believe that God is working in and has a purpose for the parish of Queen’s Park and Govanhill, and we expect to discover the Kingdom of God outwith the walls of our church buildings. As we discover more and more about God’s work in our parish, we want to partner with our neighbours to encourage the building up of the values of the Kingdom of God — values such as love, peace and justice.